Inlays/ onlays or indirect fillings, are a more conservative option to a dental crown procedure. Inlay/Onlay treatment provides long lasting dental restoration in treating teeth damaged by mild to moderate tooth decay. The inlays/onlays are created from tooth colored material(ceramic) to produce a natural looking smile. They are fabricated indirectly (hence the name indirect fillings) within a dental laboratory and then fitted and bonded into place by Dr. Cirstea or Dr. Pistol. An inlay is a restoration in which the filling material is bonded in the center of a tooth, while an onlay is a restoration to one or more of the cusps of the tooth along the chewing surface.Inlays/Onlays benefits are: stable colour, preservation of the natural tooth structure, easier to clean compare with dental crowns.

It takes two dental visits to complete the inlay/onlay procedure. In your first appointment, Dr. Cirstea or Dr.Pistol will begin preparing the tooth and taking an impression which will be sent to the dental laboratory . A temporary restoration will protect the tooth while the inlay/onlay is being constructed.

In the second appointment, the temporary restoration is replaced with the permanent inlay/onlay. Dr. Cirstea or Dr.Pistol will check to ensure a correct fit that is tight and secure. Your bite will also be checked. Once these issues are addressed, the inlay/onlay will be secured into place with dental bond.